My gob is truly smacked. Lily have won an award! That’s an award for a system that has yet to demonstrate its claimed abilities in the real world. There are plenty of small business that are working hard and building platforms that are making money for their owners.

They don’t have crowd sourced funds to burn down attending big shows. Lets see, Event38, Aeromao, Mavinci are three that immediately spring to mind.

If the drone world is to grow up in the USA the sizzle needs to be ignored a little more and the beef thoroughly tasted before honours are handed out. Lily did not fly at the Drone Rodeo, an event arranged at the start of CES in a field just outside of the main venue. Nor did it fly inside the venue. The Lily crowd have a suite but will not be flying due to technical difficulties.

The crowdsourced charm offensive leader has won again. The author, Gary Mortimer, is not amused… And he is right – if you look at the criteria it is completely unfathomable (I went with that as kind of a water joke.)
Meanwhile a good time is being had by all. Except maybe the investors.


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