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A new collaboration between insurance carriers, the construction industry and their supporting businesses has been formed to safely develop unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to conduct inspections.

Over the past year, PDC secured a number of FAA regulatory approvals including Section 333 exemptions, a 333 amendment and blanket COAs permitting the use of UAS platforms for aerial data collection, including the inspection of properties for the insurance and construction industries.

The organization is also working closely with the The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to lead a research effort focused on the collection and processing of intelligent UAS imagery for the assessment of property exteriors, specifically roof damage detection.

Charles Mondello, PDC president said the research goes beyond inspections and damage detection. It’s also focusing on research for such safety initiatives as collision avoidance, visual line of sight and automated flight planning. In addition, Mondello said PDC will examine how to integrate data from UAS inspections into existing workflows.

These stories make me think that the insurance claims business is going to be much bigger than currently projected. Imagine if I said to you that every single roof in the world is a potential job site…
There is a consistent need for this type of service, not only nationwide but also worldwide. Not only private property but commercial property. If I were interested in offering piloting services I would contact the insurance companies in my area.



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