When it comes to regulation around UAVs, the FAA has made a clear delineation between drones that are being used for recreational and commercial purposes. Doing so has helped them define a regulatory process for each, but public service departments and non-profit organizations don’t fit nicely into either of these categories. These complications have only added to questions around how drones can help law enforcement, security and search and rescue (SAR) professionals.

The videos in this list showcase many of these capabilities and uses. We’re painting with a broad brush in terms of use cases, since a fire department that utilizes a drone for first response purposes is inherently different than a private company that uses one to offer security services. Such a wide variety of applications should give viewers an idea around how many different opportunities drones can present, regardless of their specific need.

Nice collection of videos from .  These are fields where there is a lot of progress being made. Also fields, particularly law enforcement, that are on the forefront of the privacy discussion around the world. While interfering with firefighters has grabbed all the headlines, the potential to use drones and swarms of sensors to monitor our forests is regularly covered here.

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