Google ChromeScreenSnapz068Martin Woodall, who co-founded with Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, has made his way into a new industry he expects to grow drastically in the near future: drones.

Recognizing the transformation of drones from a hobby to a new business segment, Woodall carefully considered how he wanted to enter the space. “I said, ‘what can I do that’s not drone quicksand
and will have revenue insulated from rapid change?’” he said, identifying the quickly changing software and hardware associated with drones.

“With data, I avoided the quicksand and have taken a little slice of the drone pie that continues to be needed.” return Drones are going to produce enough data to overrun the world’s data centers at some point. The storage is not so bad because of the shelf life of that data, but the horsepower to compute from raw data to finished data continues to escalate. Drone Data allows customers to rent horsepower to compute that raw data to finished data.

My idea of the perfect horizontal – yes even better than insurance. More support for the notion that cyber and E&O policies will be the real opportunity in the insurance industry.


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