Phase One Industrial, a leading developer of aerial
medium format camera equipment, today announced 100 MP
CMOS-based medium format metric cameras available for aerial mapping and other demanding applications.

The development of the Phase One iXU 1000 and the iXU-R 1000
camera systems marks a shift toward higher value for the aerial data acquisition market. These systems, which are available in either RGB
or near infrared (NIR) variants, are distinguished from all other existing medium format aerial camera systems by their combination of higher image resolution, wider ISO range and faster capture speeds (as fast as 0.85 second per frame), offering large format advantages at medium format prices.

This is large format resolution at a somewhat more reasonable price. But the real point is you can lift these with a drone – something you can not do with a large format camera. These are incredible cameras. They will have absolutely no equal.
Here is another story on the Phase One XF100 MP “land” configuration of the camera which sells for under $50K with lens that includes some astounding samples that will blow you away..

From www.suasnews.com

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