website header Part 107 and the year ahead

Over the next year, will unmanned operations become commoditized? Or will larger commercial operators reign supreme?

Gone is the massive headache that was the Section 333 Exemption process. While the new rules don’t go as far as many industry leaders were hoping, the FAA’s decision to remove the pilot’s license requirement in favor of an aeronautical knowledge test has thrown open the industry to a flood of new operators of all experience levels.

The commercial drone industry has grown rapidly; over the next year we will see it transform. Simple operations will be commoditized, while larger firms will work with enterprise customers to set standards for more complicated operations.

Drones will always be exciting, but the real value to enterprise businesses comes from operators who have mastered the unsexy aspects of flying: logistics, data processing & delivery, standardization, scale, and safety.

While the Measure team is pleased to see Part 107, we are committed to ensuring that the industry is led by responsible operators held to the highest standards of professionalism.

Short, sweet and very much to the point. In it’s confidence it reminds me of the classic Apple ad from 1981 (!) “Welcome, IBM. Seriously.” Take a minute and read the ad – still a classic. Then read the full text of the Measure post.
Apple ad from 1981 "Welcome, IBM. Seriously."
Apple ad from 1981
Do you think they have any doubt about who will win and why? Steve didn’t either.



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