As always with Parrot the product looks sensible and polished. Not cobbled together. Again in the video a vertical automatic launch is shown and that points to there being ample power. With return to launch, auto landing and waypoints Disco has all the features.

I wonder if the camera can take stills and at a rate fast enough for mapping. If so with a 45 minute endurance this would be an excellent GIS platform. In fact if you know what your looking at the video is full of performance clues.

If you ever wanted a B2 bomber like the Spirit that flew over the Rose Bowl here’s a very cool piece. As the Brits says, this looks to be a very nice piece of kit. Specs say that its a 14Mp camera and that it will do 50mph for 45 minutes which is way BLOS. No word on price or a ship date yet. Very nice video.


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