Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Packet Digital, believes that by doubling the flight time of UAS or possibly making a solar-powered UAS’s time aloft nearly unlimited, the potential applications become much greater.

“There are a lot of ways that people could use UAS if the flight time wasn’t so limited,” she explained. “Our perception of how they’re used is dictated by their capability today. If you change the capability of the UAS, then you’ve changed the potential for the kind of applications it could be used in.”

Packet Digital is working on a project with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C., aimed at helping the Navy increase the flight time of a solar-powered UAS through more efficient energy use. The company is using its expertise in designing and building integrated power management circuits to operate with the advanced photovoltaic cells developed by the NRL.

Definitely a huge opportunity. Be interesting to understand what the entry point for applying this technology is.

From www.uasmagazine.com

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