Olaeris product shots



Olaeris, a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has unveiled AEVA, a new unmanned aircraft with a 4-5 hour flight time targeting the civilian helicopter market. The unmanned VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft is designed to fly beyond line of sight in commercial airspace, putting the pilot on the ground, and a robust, autonomous aircraft with collision avoidance in the air.

Emphasizing safety, titanium stress points, a Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber airframe, safety wired fasteners and multi-redundant backups are just some of the innovations resulting from 13 patents already filed. Lindsley said, “There are no hobby grade components in AEVA. Her critical flight systems have been engineered with multiple redundancies for safety and she uses the same quality of manufacturing partners that the general aviation industry relies upon.”

CEO Ted Lindsley said, “Unless you are carrying large payloads or transporting people, AEVA represents the future. AEVA meets the needs of about half the customers that conventional helicopters currently serve.”

Fascinating product. I expect this type of craft with traditional aerospace engineering, construction and range to be the middle ground between the under 55-pound class and the full blown military birds. This kind of reliability should appeal to companies who operate heavy duty cycles in all weather, and to commercial operators who need a lot of flexibility.

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