Nearly 300,000 owners have registered their small drones in the first 30 days since the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) online registration system went live. It’s important to note this doesn’t mean 300,000 drones have been registered. Registration is tied to the operator, not the drone.

After you register, you’re given an identification number that needs to
be affixed to all of your drones, so chances are there’s a lot more than 300,000 drones buzzing around with approved identification numbers on them.

“I am pleased the public responded to our call to register,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement. “The National Airspace System is a great resource and all users of it, including [Unmanned Aircraft Systems] users, are responsible for keeping it safe.

Props to Robotics Trends – one of the few publications that got the story right. It is registered owners and not, as most are reporting, registered drones. A small detail? Not really when you remember that one registered owner can have as many drones as they like. Which means that the number of drones covered by these registrations could in fact exceed 1,000,000. Or will soon.

From www.roboticstrends.com

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