Google ChromeScreenSnapz152To assist flight departments considering the use of sUAS within their operations, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) has released a new resource – Integrated Operational Management and Oversight for sUAS – providing background information on the subject matter, as well as a detailed guide to vetting sUAS service providers.

“Flight departments have the knowledge, they’re very well-versed in safety management, operational risk assessment, a lot of the considerations that need to be made to end up with safe and responsible operations,” said Dr. Brent Terwilliger, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professor and chairman of the Business Aviation Management Committee’s UAS Subcommittee.

“You need to understand the level of training your operators have to have, their experience level, what the repair and maintenance cost and efforts are going to be, where resources and knowledge can be found specific to what you’re trying to do – manned aviators know that information and more importantly they know where to find it.”

This resource – developed by NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee – provides guidance for operators interested in adding sUAS to their operations. It contains background information on general aviation flight department preparedness for integrating drone technology as well as a detailed checklist of relevant factors to consider when selecting a service provider.

Smart move to serve their membership. Easy to imagine that aviation departments are being hit with questions and tasked with the responsibility of “making sure we’re ready when Bill says go.” The checklist, which is available for free, is pretty much what you would expect – old school aviation oriented.
Categories include:
  • Exemptions (333, COA)
  • PIC
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Safety
  • Insurance
The checklist suggests that the bigger buyers (and the higher end of the market) will insist on licensed pilots and 333’s even though both requirements will go away with Part 107.  Also pretty clear that large parts of a 333 would be useful in providing the prerequisite detail.




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