Although the consumer drone market is growing dramatically, MMC, a DJI offshoot, is concentrating 100% of their efforts on the commercial market.

MMC plans to:

  • Continue to focus on building drones that are first in class for endurance, coverage area, and payload. For example, they are currently developing a new battery that will enable their drones to fly for over 4 hours.
  • Improve after sales product support. They view support as crucial to providing a complete service and plan to establish local after sales centers in a number of countries.
An interesting Chinese drone manufacturer whose founder, Lu Zhihui, spent some time at DJI – one suspects the first of many alumni to strike out on their own. Zhihui is totally focused on the commercial verticals with long range, heavy lift, hour plus time aloft capabilities. And OBTW if they can build that battery one suspects that they can stop building drones.
Since this post ran, MMC has announced that they will be launching their hydrogen powered Hydrone 1800 which will be capable of three-hour flights and which Zhihui believes will change drones from toys to actual tools. The unit will be for sale at the launch.



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