UAS flying over a city.

While counter-UAS technologies exist today, they are predominantly focused on large UAS and military scenarios. MITRE is working with multiple Federal agencies to help them understand the safety and security issues presented by small UAS and potential mitigations.

One way to solicit solutions from a wide range of innovators from
industry, academia, and other organizations is through a “challenge.” MITRE believes, as does the Federal Government, that challenges and prize competitions are a creative approach to identifying and nurturing diverse potential solutions to a critical national problem.

The MITRE Challenge is looking for solutions to detect and safely interdict small UAS (weighing less than 5 lbs.) that pose a potential safety or security threat in urban areas.

Have you got a creative solution that will improve safety and security in U.S. airspace?

Would you like to prove that your solution is the best and be rewarded for
your ideas?

If this works as well as other challenges (thinking Dubai) the results should be really interesting. I didn’t know that MITRE is a not-for-profit organization that operates FFRDCs – federally funded research and development centers – sponsored by the federal government.


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