This story is a good news-bad news story. Good news is, it looks like there might just be a micro exemption, but the bad news is its less than 250 grams. The micro ARC is was in full swing, and the usual suspects were getting educated at the community’s expense as the bottom falls out of what’s left of the pretenses of a square game.

D.C. insiders, and folks with experience tried in vain to sound the alarm about the dire consequences of giving the FAA consensus on an arbitrary weight as it could very well establish the NAS risk. The self declared experts pushed back on all the warnings, and later tried to save face by declaring participation victories that the weight limit wasn’t zero grams and registration was only five bucks.

The common opinion is that not only is empirical experience is short supply, but also objectivity, and that leaves many airspace integration stakeholders wondering if the industry can survive another self-inflicted shot in the foot. If we don’t move quickly the aviation industry folks will move in and take over. This effort needs an immediate change of tactics. Science based integration bolstered by objective leadership and grassroots advocacy might be a start.

A brilliant, biting merciless piece by Patrick Egan of sUAS News. Totally and completely recommended reading if only for his immaculate take down of 3DR:
With the FAA’s new Aerospace forecast and industry groups still touting economic reports with a 90 billion dollar shooting fish in a barrel market, why is the maker of the world’s smartest drone faring so poorly?
Delicious. You can see my commentary – I have some theories.



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