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There are legions of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border, and they do not belong to the United States. They are owned and operated by Mexican drug cartels, and there’s
nothing we can currently do to stop them.

The proliferation of small, cheap UAVs (aka drones) has raised a litany of security concerns, from interference with commercial aviation to possible delivery systems for weapons.

Along the U.S. southern border, the Mexican cartels are operating
drones as intelligence gathering tools. Cartels traditionally have employed falcones (Spanish for falcons)—people who perch on points along the border to monitor border patrol movements,
collecting information that smugglers could exploit to outmaneuver America’s border security efforts.

Thanks to reader David K for this. Interesting follow on to last weeks story about the Somali pirates with drones and the Turkish army. Cheap, ubiquitous and global. But I do have to laugh at the picture, I doubt they have Predators…. that would take a
“yuge” wall.

From latino.foxnews.com

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