The commercial drone industry is struggling to reach a wider scale, and Measure Nationwide aims to solve this by providing competent and qualified operators in a proprietary franchise system. Franchisees will have access to training, Fortune 100 customers, a suite of standard software, drone financing, and company support.

“Customers with nationwide data requirements need standard services,” said Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Measure. “The franchise drone service model is our solution to reaching the operational scale our customers demand. Measure Nationwide will bring together best-in-class professionals and experts to move the drone industry toward better regulation, pricing power, and quality control.”

Measure Nationwide will bring qualified operators into one system and provide customers around the country with safe, legal and insured flights and standardized data products.

Partners include QuickSpark Financial, Robotic Skies, Skyward and Transport Risk Management. Measure will also use PrecisionHawk’s DataMapper software platform to manage, analyze and deliver geospatial information to customers.

A really big idea from the really big idea people. This is the kind of integration that big companies will need either as an alternative to building in-house capabilities, as a transition strategy or for peak load support.
Be interesting to see if the market will prefer this type of approach or the solution AirWare has just announced which seems to provide an even more integrated solution.



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