Creating a drone authority site
Screenshot of one part of the Curation Suite toolkit
This profile on creating an authority website was written by Scott Scanlon who is the developer of Curation Suite, a WordPress plugin that is an essential part of the workflow for this website. If you are not familiar with the term, an authority site is one that is trusted by its users, by industry experts, by other websites and by search engines. It’s a good thing – thanks, Scott.

Today we highlight an authority drone website.

Scott Managed and owned by Christopher Korody, publishes and curates content focused on the commercial side of the
drone industry.

As you’ll discover in the Q&A and examples below, Christoper does an amazing job of picking the right stories, reporting, and mixing in his own commentary.

Q What type of content do you curate?

A (db.c) is intended to appeal to people in the commercial drone business – whether they are in it or whether they want to sell into it.

I post stories that I think are important, adding analysis and commentary based on my 45 years of experience in marketing. In addition, I write original 2,000 word plus articles, a weekly newsletter called Dronin’ On and am beginning to add some guest posters.

Q Can you share a bit about your process?

A Despite the fact that the drone industry is very small there is a lot of content out there. At last count there were over 100 websites, many of them which do little more than regurgitate press releases. There are also a few that do what I consider to be real journalism – they have the staff and resources to research and write original content. And because it’s such a trendy topic, it gets a lot of coverage in the business press and the general press.

Q Any special tweaks?

A I  like to do UPDATES where I add content to the original story as it comes along – again this is all about connecting the dots and making the experience
more useful.

Q How do you monetize the site?

A I see the website as a way to establish my bona fide, a way to say to someone look I know this stuff, no learning curve – and that’s on top of my 45 years of marketing experience.

My offer is “Strategy, research and content for drone marketing, PR and social media.” I am looking for customers who need market research, a white paper, a case study, a video, an executive presentation, content for a newsletter.

A little further out, part of the plan is to sell Category sponsorships that come with content as well as signage. So if you’re Intel or Qualcomm you can sponsor the Technology category or you are Global Aerospace and you can sponsor Insurance and maybe some content every month for your own newsletters.

In addition, I offer sidebar ads to various conferences and a couple of industry associations. I am trying to get my name out there and being a media partner comes with some promotion and also a conference pass. And again using my editorial background, I try to get invited to moderate panels or to speak.

Scott Christopher also sends out a weekly email titled Dronin’ On that is beyond informative. If you have any interest in the drone industry it provides a good round up of the top stories. It’s one that I subscribe to and read every week– even though I’m not in the drone industry it keeps me informed of the latest
drone developments.

I enjoy hearing from readers who comment on the quality of the content. But not a lot of people have asked “sexactly how do you do this?” So when Scott Scanlon, the CEO of Curation Suite called to ask if I would be interested in doing a “making of” profile, I said sure.
My goal with (db.c) is to provide my readers with the insights they need to support their business decisions. The industry is moving very fast on multiple fronts so every week is different. Curating allows me to pick stories that I consider to be relevant and build on them by adding insights that help readers connect the dots and understand the larger context.
Curation Suite is a plug-in that works with the WordPress application that the site is built on. It allows me to quickly excerpt and format the original article, and manage links, images and video without ever leaving the WordPress editor.
Three thumbs up. Highly recommended, very reasonably priced with great support.



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