Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our Indiegogo page, as you have seen in the video, we are MMC team (MicroMultiCopter) from Shenzhen, China. Since we are situated in the Silicon Valley of Asia, we are constantly exposed to cutting edge technology of unmanned aerial vehicle  (UAV) industry. We develop our own technology. Our industry chain develops frames, flight controls and software for drones. Being a young Chinese company with very talented and inquisitive employees, we have so far developed various types of UAVs suitable for many solutions. Primarily, we tier our UAVs for power line inspection and stringing, general inspection, agriculture, aerial photography and last but certainly not the least, firefighting.

Very surprised to see MMC on the pages of Indiegogo.  The founder is a DJI alumni and they were slated to launch a hydrogen-powered HYDrone 1800 drone April 10. They have been pitching the idea of a tethered firefighting drone capable of lifting 100kg on their website and even had test footage with a prototype.
Stranger yet they have set a 10 day goal of US$1M so they must be looking for some fast cash. Kick in $2,000 and you can get a trip to China.
UPDATE The page has been removed from Indiegogo


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