businessinsider.comAT&T’s Cybersecurity Insights Report, which included a survey of more than 5,000 enterprises worldwide, found that 85% of enterprises are in the process of or are planning to deploy IoT devices, but only 10% feel confident that they can secure those devices against hackers.

…Securing the IoT devices means more than just securing the devices themselves. They must also build security into the software applications and network connections that link to those devices.

Jonathan Camhi, research analyst for BI Intelligence, has compiled two detailed reports on this topic:

The Cyber Insurance Report: This report examines the growth of this market and identifies the key factors driving that growth. It also identifies the commercial sectors that are underserved in the cyber insurance market, which present a unique opportunity to insurers. Finally, it explains how insurers can find creative ways to cover these underserved markets while still limiting their overall exposure.

Drones span the three fastest growing market segments – IoT devices, PCs and Mobile/Network devices. It will not be uncommon for a single customer to touch all three in the course of an assignment. That is why we believe that cyber insurance will be the most important policy most businesses buy.

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