With the drone industry still very much in the early ‘boom’ stage, it’s easy enough to find drone manufactures offering great features, great performance, and great pricing, but it’s difficult to find all three, SteadiDrone’s core business is just that, providing our clients with the best all round systems, with unique features, leading performance as well as being of the most affordable drones in their class.

The STEADIDRONE VADER has been developed and designed to offer the most advanced, heavy duty, heavy lift long endurance sUAS available, with features and quality you won’t find on any other system in it’s class. A reliable tool for everyday commercial and industrial use, with a large payload capacity and wide flight performance envelope, its the only option for serious aerial professionals. The SteadiDrone VADER is an ‘open’ platform which not payload, camera or sensor specific, its ability to fly just about anything, mounted underneath or right on top of the unit, along with its rapid deploy folding design and other unique features is what sets it apart from the rest, designed from the ground up, to the sky.

I’ve always loved a great product video – add a lost, entirely gratuitous woman wandering across the desert and you have my undivided attention. This is a very cool bird built in South Africa. Both the video and the design (octo v fixed) make an interesting contrast to the Silent Falcon, another high-quality, premium-priced industrial grade system also filmed in the desert.

SteadiDrone – Small Unmanned Aerial Systems


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