Interview With Chris Korody About The 2017 UAV Implementation Survey

[This is an excerpt from a recent interview with Enrico Schaefer on his podcast series.]

Enrico: One thing I want to talk about a little bit here, Christopher, is your 2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey.

What is this survey, what is your purpose?

Chris: I have a background in market research, sort of an adjacent background, and I became really interested in what’s really happened. To me, Part 107 is done, that is the world we are going to live in. So, now what happens?

2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey
Please click to go to the survey.

What I am interested in finding out, what the survey is, what are the challenges?

How are companies going about to putting this together? Are they starting with pilots? Are they already starting with 333s? Are they going to have 107 themselves? Is this something coming down from management or is this a field guy saying we can do it better, let’s try it? What are the issues with HR, with legal? That is what people are dealing with.

My hope is that we create sort of an industry bench mark.

The intention is that it would go on over a few years, and it will become a reference point for people who are actually doing it.

Saying, that’s an interesting idea I didn’t consider, or I see I am in the majority and I feel good about that. Or people who are looking into it, they can start to say maybe they hadn’t considered that issue and what more is there that I should know about. It’s really intended as a way for to look at ourselves as an industry and how we are growing and hopefully out of that will come some best practices.

So the survey, I’m doing in partnership with Jeremiah Karpowicz at CUAV News, and we will go live with the survey in early February, and we will run it for a month, and promote it relentlessly, and shamelessly. They we should have some answers out by April.

Enrico: Interesting. I know you are taking volunteers to be ready to participate in the survey and we will send that link around to folks so that they can start to sign up. Really Chris, we evangelize everyday where this market is, where this emerging market is in the curve. We are at a point where rising tide lifts all boats.

Chris: Absolutely.

Chris: There are some historical answers already. The pre-survey that we will run until the middle of December, probably until Christmas, and the goal there is to just get some initial input from the listeners, to help me and my partners get some better information to design the survey to make sure it is really on target, with issues that you are concerned about.   I would invite each of you, if you are involved in this, to take a look. It will take you under two minutes to fill out the pre-survey. We will let you know when the survey goes live. And you can shape the way this comes together.

Enjoyed hanging out on the phone with Enrico. Appreciate his interest and commitment to the industry. As you’ll hear, he is all about two big ideas – the idea of prospective customers having confidence, and the industry earning trust. Thank you.
In addition to this segment, there is some fun deep background about me and also a good discussion of my recent post Why Standards Will Be Critical To UAV Adoption. Follow the link to the complete transcript.

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