A few weeks ago, 3DR sent artist Reuben Wu with a Solo into the wild and weird American West in search of transcendence and unearthly landscapes.

The trip gave Reuben the chance to see some remarkable places in a remarkable new way: from high above the ground. The project changed the way Reuben felt about himself and about the world around him. He returned from the journey with a raft of stunning imagery, brimming with new vision and self-reflection and the urge to share it all.

This project is the result: a vast collection of beautiful and surreal photos and videos, coupled with Reuben’s reflections on what they mean to him and how he approached them, both artistically and technically. It’s one of the most stunning collections of drone photos and videos we’ve ever seen.

This is an interesting project that 3DR sponsored in a part of the world that is near and dear to my heart and photographic aesthetic. Some very cool images, some you wish he had done more with. Worth a look if you love the Southwest.

From 3dr.com

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