The Drone Light Painting Video is the world’s first drone light painting project of that quality. For this purpose a high-tech drone mounted with a LED was controlled by the flight planning software AscTec Navigator. After some testing all the light painting flights could be performed quite quickly and fully automated.

Due to the excellent flight characteristics of the AscTec Falcon 8 it was possible to fly such complex lines through predefined waypoints as precise and to fly those flight paths several times with such accuracy. Actually all paintings of the Drone Light Painting Video – if Santa Claus and the reindeer sleigh, present with loop, Christmas tree with a big star, writings and snowflakes – have been produced with an AscTec Falcon 8including AscTec Trinity control unit.

Never mind the English in the press release. Inquiring minds want to know how they put that many way points so close together.


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