In a statement the FAA saID THAT it “signed an
agreement this week to assess the safety and
security capabilities of CACI’s product.”
Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon, who has spoken
with the company’s experts, said he was told the
tracking technology “can pinpoint the drone
operator and “force the drone to land.”
The FAA says a steep increase in reports of small
unmanned aircraft in close proximity to runways is
presenting a new challenge.

Michael Whitaker told the committee the agency receives
about 100 reports per month from pilots reporting
drone sightings.

“One hundred a month — that’s 1,200 a year — and
so far you’ve cited there’s been about 20
enforcement actions. That seems very low,” said
Rep. John Mica, R-Florida, underscoring the
agency’s challenge in penalizing rogue drone

The FAA says it does not yet know how many
airports or which airports they will test the
technology at. The agency does not have a time line for how long
the research will last.

CACI background and context. Note that the CACI deal was announced at this hearing…

From www.cnn.com

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