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Online Publisher SAJ Technologies, Inc. today launched DroneRacingLife.com, the first comprehensive site focused on the emerging drone racing market.

DroneRacingLife provides news and information on the exciting sport of FPV drone racing. It is the authoritative source for event schedules and results, product information and reviews, interviews with racing personalities, and general information on how to get started.

In developing the site SAJ Technologies, Inc. has partnered with the United States Drone Racing Association (USDRA.org) to share content, insights, and users across the two platforms. USDRA’s CEO Dave Shevett said of the partnership, “Where USDRA is focused on community aspects of drone racing, DroneRacingLife will be the go-to site for news and information about this exciting upcoming sport.”

Had to happen. The state-by-state guide is an eyeopener – 39 states (call it 80%) – have some sort of drone racing initiative or program going on. This is a huge deal at retail. Building on the well-publicized US$1M World Drone Grand Prix in Dubai and with the ESPN live stream of a US championship coming up later this summer, it is only going to get bigger.
The one cloud darkening this otherwise sunny forecast is that the FAA has indicated that it does not consider FPV (flying using goggles which show the camera feed from the drone) to be operating within line of sight. And of course, if you race for prize money it may be that you need at least a Part 107 – but then again if it is illegal perhaps that doesn’t matter?

I continue to think that the US National Drone Racing Championships which will take place in New York City and will be broadcast by ESPN will be telling.

photo of Walkera F210 racing bundle
Walkera F210 racing bundle Credit: Loz Blain/Gizmag.com
If you want to get in on the fun, check out this review in Gizmag. $500 will get you completely kitted out with an almost ready-to-fly, wicked fast Walkera F210 3D, controller and FPV goggles.


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