forbes.comThe attack on the XBee 868LP chip would be more effective in the real world (Ed note – than an attack on the WiFi chip), as it allows hacks over much longer distances. The design of the chips, typically used as part of a mesh network, allows for remote users to reroute traffic to their own PC.

Rodday believes an attack could be carried out from up to two kilometres away, though he hadn’t tested it at that distance. It would allow malicious hackers to crash drones, redirect them or deliver any commands the legitimate controller could.

Worryingly, these chips are likely in other drones, Rodday said ahead of his demonstration at the RSA Conference in San Francisco today. “I got information from a couple of manufacturers that they are using the chips,” he told FORBES.

One has to assume that this will spur some careful inspection of chip security especially as this story originally broke as the ability to commandeer an armed police drone. And OBTW what is up with that? An armed police drone and we don’t even have a rule for the NAS – once again the cart is down the hill while the horse is still in the barn.

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