Earlier this month, Google filed paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration for two new unmanned aerial vehicles, registering the craft to the company’s Boulder, CO office. The tech site Engadget first spotted the filings and guessed that they belonged to Project Wing, the drone delivery initiative inside Google X. In March, Google X chief Astro Teller said his team was reworking its drone design after some failed flight trials.

Turns out, the FAA paperwork is for another Google drone project. Sources familiar with the company said they come from Project Titan, the product of Google’s acquisition of the aerospace company last year.

Take a careful look at this beauty – every surface – wings, rudder and horizontal stabilizer is covered with solar panels. According to another article: The Titan team is building a new type of super lightweight solar-powered airplane that would be capable of hovering in one area of the stratosphere. This could provide a way to supplement existing services with extra bandwidth, or provide access in an area that’s suddenly offline, like after an earthquake or other disasters.

From recode.net

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