Existing wireless networks, which use licensed spectrum around 1 GHz, are struggling to keep up with surging data flowing to and from smartphones and other mobile gadgets. To relieve the pressure, the FCC recently auctioned licenses around 1.7 and 2.1 GHz; those auctions attracted bids exceeding $30 billion from AT&T , Verizon and others.

Higher-frequency spectrum bands, above 24 GHz, have been considered unsuitable for mobile services. But new technologies are challenging that assumption and could dramatically increase wireless broadband speeds, the FCC said in an October press release.

The bands are also likely to be useful nearer the ground, for Internet-connected devices and machines to communicate with each other, or with a central “hub,” Google said in its letter to the FCC.

Price of a text just keeps going up. Additional spectrum is a key to the growth of drones and UAVs. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

From blogs.wsj.com

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