pcmag.comA new report from The Guardian reveals that Google is testing out millimeter wave technology for high-speed Internet access in secret—under the alleged codename of “SkyBender” (which sounds a bit more like the title of a James Bond film than an actual project). Google’s plan is to use high frequency millimeter waves to transmit data up to 40 times faster than today’s 4G LTE speeds to give connected clients gigabit transmission speeds.

As for what might happen when it rains, when it’s foggy, or when some other weather condition affects the transmissions (or the drones themselves), we don’t yet know—and Google might not either, given that the weather isn’t likely to get very crazy at the New Mexico spaceport where the company is testing out these transmissions. It’s actually leasing around 15,000 or so feet of space at the Virgin Galactic “Gateway to Space” terminal for an alleged $1,000 per day, and has spent around $300,000 for the various equipment it needs to run its tests. These tests will continue until July or so, which is how long the Federal Communications Commission has given the company permission to run them.

Good news for New Mexico – we missed the Big G when they left last year. This sounds like the ultimate backfill solution.

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