The Good Karma Edition Of Dronin' On 11.19.16
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Great buzz coming out of San Jose and Drone World Expo this week. Congrats to the team at JD Events. Getting excited about catching up with a lot of you at IDE in a couple of weeks.

I want to thank those of you who are helping to get the word out about the 2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey. I just did an interview with Enrico Schaefer at DroneLaw.Pro for his podcast and had the chance to go over some of the details. I’ll put the link and transcript up on when it’s ready – probably after Thanksgiving. If you are involved in standing up a drone organization, please take a minute to sign-up at

Many of you probably heard that GoPro recalled the Karma last week. Turns out that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. GoPro Reboots Its Karma, The FAA Not So Much takes a look at what GoPro did right, what the FAA didn’t do and why it all matters so much to the upcoming Small UAV Rule. Special thanks to Sandy Murdock of JDA Journal, the FAA’s former General Counsel for
his contribution.

To learn more about the current status of the Small UAV Rule, take a look at Step 1: Defining The Small UAV Rule written by Lisa Ellman and the UAV Team at Hogan Lovells who explain the role of White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the rule making process. I will be meeting with Lisa to discuss my point of view and get her advice on how to best put it forward. There will be articles coming.

Also on the subject of the FAA, Anthony Foxx’s Contribution To UAV Development which is a nice farewell I found in WIRED to the outgoing Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. Washington insiders tell me he is already as good as gone. Happy trails.

I wanted to thank those of you who commented on last week’s post, The Mostly Positive Impact Of The Election On The Drone Business. It’s a substantial piece of work and now that the haze is lifting and you’re going to have some time on your hands, maybe you’ll find time to take a read and share your thoughts.

Close Call In Canada Puts Focus On Education comes from the golden pen of Mark McKinnon writing in Plane-ly Spoken for Dentons. Turns out that a passenger jet on final into Toronto had to take violent evasive action to miss something – it was three meters across – a couple of the flight attendants got thrown around but fortunately are OK. This is upping the volume at Transport Canada. Today I saw a report on another near miss in London which took place in July but was just reported. The London event was at 5,000’AGL, the Toronto event at 9,000’ AGL so you have to wonder…

Still, the reporting is pretty fierce “There have been 56 near misses in Britain so far this year — more than one every six days. That’s up from 29 last year and just nine in 2014, according to the CAA. In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration says the problem has increased dramatically and pilots now report seeing more than 100 drones each month.” Not good.

And now on to what is certainly one of the hot topics of the moment, Drone Proliferation – Fact Or Fiction? The article offers up a scholarly look at the impact of military drones on international security including the use of sUAS by nonstate actors, something I’ve been covering for a while.

For some good news AT&T Joins The NASA UTM Effort. The highlight here is the note that “AT&T advocates cybersecurity protections designed into the system from the outset.” It’s the only way to do it – and more importantly, it will be an essential component of any autonomous rule. This is all part of the larger push to make their 5G network a viable C2 channel.

On the commercial front comes this very Teutonic flow chart, A Decision Making Model For UAV Implementation. Kay Wackwitz and his team at advocate an outputs back approach. I shared it with Colin Snow who chuckled and said that it reminded him of the kind of thing they used to do all the time at SAP. If you need some structure this might help.

Just out from Chris Proudlove at Global Aerospace is a new whitepaper Sky High Drone Growth Presents Challenges and Opportunities. The paper tackles topics that are top of mind with people addressing implementation, including Chris’ thoughts as to whether companies are better off developing their own UAS program or calling in an established operator to perform the flights. Very interesting coming from someone with a big picture view of the industry.

Props to Disney who got their waivers and are now partnering with Intel. The press release tells the story Intel, Disney Light Up the Sky Over Walt Disney World Resort With New ‘Starbright Holidays’ Drone Show. For those of us who have worked for both companies, it is on the one hand, the most unlikely of partnerships and on the other makes perfect sense. Looking forward to seeing
the show.

Meanwhile, before their Holiday Show comes Thanksgiving. I am not sure what I will have for you next week but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you safe travels and a wonderful time wherever you’ll be giving thanks.

And since we need an Eye Candy Tag Award winner with a gluttonous theme, here is A Drones Eye View Of A Humpback Feast.

Thank you for reading and for sharing.


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