There’s a freedom to experiment and a tolerance to fail. I don’t think you get that way unless you have a company that invests in technology. It’s in the culture of the company that was started by a guy who said, “I didn’t fail in creating the light bulb. I just tried ten thousand ways that didn’t work the first time.”

I’d say there’s a bigger risk of sitting on the sidelines and waiting it out. For every Meerkat that you try, some may work, some may not. We just move on. So now we’re using Periscope.

We did something called #droneweek using Periscope and went to five factories in five days and told stories at each one using drone footage and our employees.

The advice I would give is that everybody has a great story. If a bar of soap called Dove can create one of the most memorable campaigns out there… they’re a bar of soap. Everybody has a story. I think you got to just figure out what your story is.

Fundamentally who are you? We don’t kid ourselves. We’re a company about science and technology. We get our geek on. We love it.

So in case you missed it, Periscope (@periscopetv) is Twitter’s video app. I like the trailer (top) better than the finished product but both are worth a watch. If you want the behind the scenes, it was produced for GE by the Barbarian Group.
And now, there is an app for that (both iTunes and Android) and you can stream your DJI footage right to Periscope in real time.
Oh. Not really sure how GE used this internally or took advantage of the live feed but hat’s off to CMO Linda Boff and her team. The scale on these spaces is fantastic. Would have been amazing to have these capabilities back in the day when we were shooting in the hangars in Everett and Renton where Boeing commercial jets get built.


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