Nuclear power plant in Nogent sur Seine, France

Looking for a way to stop quadcopters messing with, you know, nuclear reactors, France is testing out the only answer that makes sense: Bigger, badder drones. (Although secretly we wish they’d use birds.) Spotted by the Associated Press, this net-carrying drone is not the Rapere interceptor, a concept antidrone quadcopter announced last month.

The Rapere hunted drones with cameras and attacked them by tangling their rotors in wire. This drone, photographed by Francois Mori, is instead an Interceptor MP200, made by French firm Malou Tech. In a segment shown on French television, Malou Tech pilot Philippe Dardini uses the Interceptor to catch a DJI Phantom piloted by Philippe Dubus, the company’s CEO. The interceptor is a much larger and faster drone, with six rotors, and the net it carries looks thick and heavy.

Got to see the video. Reminds me of the gladiators who carried tridents and nets to ensnare their opponents. To think that the miscreants are creating an AntiDrone Defense industry is pretty amusing.


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