xx-drones-insurance-ia0615-mi60033-resize-600x338Are your clients’ businesses getting off the ground with drones? If so, make sure they’re protected appropriately, depending on where they fit into the operation.

Chris Proudlove, senior vice president for complex and unmanned risks at Global Aerospace explained that unmanned aviation is different from manned aviation because there’s a lack of responsibility within the chain. “Contractual clarity [for UAVs] does not necessarily exist,” and as a result, “if your clients are involved in any way in the risk chain,” he said, “they may have exposure because the people around them are not protected.”

Global Aerospace looks for training and experience among drone operators, he said, but the biggest risk factor is how closely operators will be flying to people who are not involved in the operation. “A mining company flying over a mine to take 3D images, with not a soul in sight,” he explained, “will find it easier to get insurance from us than [an operator] flying over a concert venue with lots of people.”

While coverage does exist for such venues, he said, “We wouldn’t take that risk. […] The risk of injury to a third party is the biggest risk in the whole unmanned industry.”

A solid piece based on Chris Proudlove’s recent whitepaper.

From www.thinkadvisor.com

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