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I am in LA dealing with a family emergency so this week’s edition is
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Interesting to see that drone coverage from CES is down sharply compared to the hoopla in 2015 and 16. Seems as though the press has moved on to newer, shinier topics like AI.

3 Ways The Trump Administration Can Help The Drone Industry Take Off is by Lisa Ellman of Hogan Lovells wearing her Commercial Drone Alliance ball cap. The most interesting is Point #2 “The new administration must promote a “whole of government” approach to integration in order to enable the broader infrastructure for this industry to succeed.” This is one of the few pieces I have read that addresses the complexity of the problem in terms of the agencies involved. No surprise, few understand the moving parts as well as Ms. Ellman. This is also noteworthy because it appears in The Hill where an awful lot of movers and wannabe shakers will read it. Excellent placement.

State Drone Laws is a comprehensive state-by-state overview compiled by Steve Hogan from Ausley McMullen who produces the popular Drone Law Today podcasts. “The State Drone Law Book is the culmination of years of effort to understand the interaction between federal and state law on the drone industry. We intend to update this book annually, and to expand it to discuss the cases on drones that are winding their way through the courts.” This is one handy dandy guide to the patchwork quilt.

Not sure if this one made Steve’s book…Drone no-no: State legislation could ban flying over someone else’s property is a write-up about a bill that has been pre-filed in the State of Washington by Rep. Jeff Morris (D) to restrict drone flights. “In addition to setting limits on overflights, it would require private owners to label their drones with their names and phone numbers.”

The article spawned an interesting comments thread with a lot of people sounding off about the FAA’s dominion over the air (49 USC § 40103 – Sovereignty and use of airspace) to which I note that “It doesn’t really matter if some state, county or local government has the authority. What matters is if they do it. (because) If you are a small business person trying to build a drone business, any restriction on your ability to provide a service could be fatal to your company, even if that law is eventually rescinded.”

Look for a set of rules for unmanned aircraft… It’s what we should have had from the get go.

VC Insights: How Software Developments Will Impact the Future of the Drone Industry A terrific interview with Jake Saper, Principal at Emergence Capital. “If I had one message to give to the drone industry, it would be to think less about the technology and more about what problems we’re solving for the end user.” Good, sober stuff from the money end of the building.

2016 Drone Year in Review is an exhaustive review from the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College by Arthur Holland Michel who along with Dan Gettinger are the Co-Directors of the Center. Their newsletter starts my week – no one else can put together a review like this.

I found something very interesting from the International Association of Fire Chiefs, a Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Toolkit. “The IAFC created a task force to evaluate the current state of unmanned aerial systems UAS policy, procedures, tactics and technology as they impact the fire and emergency service, and provide leadership and subject matter experts for fire and EMS departments interested in implementing a UAS program.” Very much in line with my recent Standards article and the NATE example I used.

Dear Nick, about those GoPro Karma 2 specifications is from Gary Mortimer at sUAS News, one of my very favorite snark artists. Is he a snarkista? I don’t know, but this article minces no words describing just how steep the uphill climb will be.

Finally I was pleased to be a contributor to 7 Commercial Drone Predictions For 2017, a classic bit of linkbait for Commercial UAV News. Jeremiah Karpowicz has assembled an interesting cast of characters covering the industry from a number of different angles.

And that as they say is all the news that is fit to print.

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