robtClearly there are special interest groups on this list who hope to avoid regulations because it will drive
their bottom line. Other special interests on the list hope to make a name under the guise of expertise when it comes to aviation law or aircraft procedures.

Those with “protect the skies” status are there to insure that the aircraft safety standard is met and will not entertain comments from those without expertise or aware of the aviation safety standard.

These are the folks who will be doing most of the talking while the drone companies sit around and try to figure out how to impress the FAA enough to change the safety standard. The standard has been in place for many years and will not change especially from this committee without science or data.

Pretty biting assessment from Rob Thompson who covers Government Affairs, Legislative Correspondent, Commercial Pilot & Author for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry. I am going to say it again – no way you can come up with a good rule in a month – no one has even done the most basic analysis of what “is safe.”


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