Google ChromeScreenSnapz074After making life extremely miserable for anyone who wanted to fly a drone commercially in 2014, the FAA seemed to back off in 2015, creating legal methods to use drones to make money. The agency
didn’t suddenly open its wide bureaucratic arms in a warming embrace to the technology, but it did, at the very least, acknowledge that drones aren’t going away anytime soon.

And that’s really the story of drones in 2015: They have become just another piece of technology that normal people use without batting an eye. If I asked you how people used smartphones this year, you could probably rattle off a few major events, some good and some bad. But was it an eventful year in the way humankind used the smartphone? Nah, not really. Same with drones.

Which is good, because it finally seems like both the pilots and the agency tasked with keeping them in check have found some measure of common sense.

Welcome to 2016 where boring might just be good.


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