It seems to me that most naysayers don’t actually have any experience with the sort of drones that the rest of us are talking about. I think we need to start in two places: technology development and education.

Technology development is well on its way; it’s likely that in 2016, rudimentary object detection and avoidance will become the standard in useful (non-toy) drones, and that sort of technology is only going to get better and better over time. It won’t be long before there will be drones that simply will not allow themselves to be crashed.

Education, however, is moving more slowly. Many folks in the drone industry assume that drones are ubiquitous, but in reality, most people have never been close to one and are mostly media influenced. A lot of people might have seen one flying around, but that is very different than actually becoming educated about what drones are and what they can do. The media loves stories about drones being bad, which is why so many of us are trying hard to produce and influence stories about drones being good, or at least, drones just being generic tools.

Thoughtful interview with one of the bright stars of our industry. He offers a lot of good advice from a well-reasoned point of view.

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