cummings-drone-1When Missy Cummings thinks about self-flying delivery drones – the kind that tech companies have been touting as being just around the corner – she likes to imagine the reaction of her 8-year-old son to a drone landing in her backyard. “He’d like to throw rocks at it – because it’s there,” said Cummings, a Duke University professor and director of its Humans and Autonomy Lab. “It’s just human nature.” Others might fire potshots at the unmanned aerial vehicles, just for fun, as they do at rural traffic signs, Cummings said.

This is a thoughtful article that really breaks down the delivery use case. One thing is pretty clear – a whole lot of cooperation is going to be required on a house-by-house basis. Hardly any kind of universal adoption seems possible. some will and some won’t, and others will incent if there really is an ROI story here for Amazon and the like.

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