The company currently has a network of 1,100 licensed operators.

DropIn, an LA-based startup wants to change the way the insurance companies process claims with two-way video claims processing and drone-based appraisals. The company, which launched in 2015, provides on-demand live video streaming services to help insurance companies improve the claims and underwriting process. The solution relies on a drone equipped with a camera or a smartphone camera, depending on the scenario.

A person in a car accident could contact their insurance adjuster, who can interview the drivers and appraise the damage — sometimes right on the spot by viewing the damage through the driver’s smartphone.

The drone comes into play in a couple of cases including doing a fly-over for a property appraisal or sending in a fleet of drones to a disaster area and appraising the likely damage.

The drones are operated by a group of on-demand drone operators who can drive to a site, operate the drone and transmit the video and pictures to the insurance company. The company currently has a network of 1,100 licensed operators.

DropIn recently earned a spot in the Plug and Play insurance app incubator, which will give it access to a number of top insurers such as Allstate, Nationwide and State Farm.

They’ve raised $1.75 million from friends and family and are in the process of raising a $3 million seed round.

These folks have a bunch of very good ideas. The big one is “Droperator” which is kind of like Uber for smartphones mixed with a traditional news stringer role. It’s remarkably simple and if it catches on with insurers, will I think be very effective.


The DropIn Platform provides on-demand, live video streaming and HD still-image capture for insurance underwriting, claims adjustment and managed repair network operations.

“Insurers, in particular, can benefit from the proactive possibilities of the improved image quality offered by DropIn HD,” adds Kim. “Millions of dollars are lost each year to unintentionally inaccurate underwriting and fraudulent claims made possible by insurers having little or no actual insight into realistic property valuations or the extent of the auto or property damage.”

To increase the flexibility of the platform, all videos and photos gathered directly by customers via smartphones or drones – or by DropIn’s crowdsourced network of independent operators (Droperators) – can be stored on the DropIn cloud, thus eliminating the need for additional client-provided storage.

Additionally, insurers can direct the live video stream from end-users, Droperators or drone pilots via two-way audio and/or chat.

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