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Well that certainly was the week that was, and the two weeks that were. Between that and an assignment I have been working on, I haven’t devoted the usual amount of time to the website. So all of the links go to the original source.

It is my pleasure to introduce Commander Frank Mellott (USN Ret) who is doing his first guest post here. Frank is an experienced naval aviator, as well as an RC and drone pilot. He will be posting on a wide range of safety issues, focusing on issues of interest to companies implementing drone programs. But before we get to that, his first article is what is usually called an exposé, in this case of the AMA.

It turns out that despite the AMA’s claims to the contrary, you don’t have to be an AMA member to fly under Section 336 – Special Rule for Model Aircraft. I find this a little concerning. Please join me in welcoming Frank.

Short notice but the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will be hosting The Workshop on Drones and the Future of Aviation to celebrate the potential of this technology on August 2. Cool thing is that they will be streaming it so you can stay in your jammies and tune in.
sUAS News

Officials from the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP), Dominion Virginia Power and HAZON Solutions recently conducted drone test flights to determine the need for air- or ground-based visual observers during power line inspections. This is a very systematic step forward. It’s an interesting study and like a lot of people I am looking forward to their conclusions which the article implies will be positive.
Unmanned Aerial

Provocative teaser article from Fox Rothschild Drones, Part 107, and Free Speech – Part 1. The two- parter will explore the claim that Part 107 violates the
First Amendment.
Fox Rothschild

Another in a seemingly unending series of really good interviews by Jeremiah Karpowicz, this time with Jonathan Rupprecht who takes on a small topic in relatively simple English Your FAA Regulation Questions Answered: Part 107, Section 333 and the Future of Drone Law.
Commercial UAV News

Interesting tidbit that seems to suggest that small drone drone usage by ISIS is increasing. A Battelle Drone Defender was spotted in a tent in northern Iraq. This is a shoulder mount bug zapper (drone interdiction device) that is illegal in the US – the Battelle website is dark and the video has been removed so this unit is probably a prototype.
UAS Vision

Thursday I attended a kick-off webinar of the long awaited UAS Insurance Association. The association is chaired by Chris Proudlove from Global Aerospace. Mark Dombroff from Dentons US is Counsel to the Association. They have an aggressive agenda for representation and education. The deck is available on the website. Dues are reasonable and the membership appears to be inclusive though there appears to be a review process with the application.
UAS Insurance Association has updated their Drone Market Environment Map. Kay and his team note that” There are 711 entries from 49 Countries led by UAV companies from North America (54%) and followed by Europe (30%), Asia (9%), Oceania (3%), MEA (3%) and South America (1%).

It is clustered in the following UAV market categories: Platforms (29%), Components and Systems (16%), Services (20%), Universities and Research Programs (10%), Software (7%), News/Media/Blogs (6%), Coalition/Organizations/Initiatives (5%), Conferences and Events (3%), Operator Marketplaces (2%), Drone Insurances (2%), User Groups/Networks (1%).

711 logos is quite an eyeful and there is nothing else like it in the industry.

Great technology story this week about 5G and the new “millimeter wave” spectrum that the FCC is now making available. This looks to me like a “this changes everything” kind of moment – imagine 1Gb+ worldwide mobile coverage. Now say drone. Or Cloud. Or swarm.
MIT Technology Review

Another Eye Candy Tag Award goesto Solar Impulse which completed its circumnavigation this week. Here’s the video of them pulling off a night landing complete with hero music – breathtaking. And oh by the way how smart is the UAE? Very.

Finally ‘Doc,’ the B29 Superfortress I featured last week, got such an enthusiastic reaction that I thought you might enjoy seeing some footage from this year’s Oshkosh Air Show which includes a great collection of warbirds. The favorite at our house is the Corsair landing at 4:24 – like the one that Susan’s daddy flew.
Sunday Arrivals At Oshkosh 2016

If you want to see some brute force Sierra Hotel stuff, here’s a pair of homeboy F4s out of Holloman AFB NM.
F4 Flyby

And here’s the helmet cam from the same F4 flight – beautiful day for flying.
F4 Helmet Cam

Thanks for reading and for sharing.


Christopher Korody

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