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Remove The TFR Over Standing Rock

In essence, a "giant tarp" has been laid over Standing Rock, allowing law enforcement to act with impunity and without any witnesses. The FAA has imposed a 4-nautical mile Temporary Flight...

Drone Proliferation – Fact Or Fiction?

The article explores the consequences of drone proliferation on international security. Understanding the impact of drones requires separating fact from fiction by examining their effects in six different contexts—counterterrorism, interstate conflict,...

Will Drones Expand The Sharing Economy?

"I think people over-focus on drones plus burritos." Few subsidiaries at Alphabet Inc. inspire as much curiosity as Google X, now called simply “X.” X is the company’s innovation lab, where ambitious...

The Moral Dilemma Of Autonomous Technology

Do you run the child over or swerve into a tree, which could kill you and your passenger? It sounds like a test to determine someone's level of psychopathy, but it's actually...

A Drone Documents The Devastation Of Aleppo

The destruction is so complete that it obliterates even a sense of time. At a glance, the video could show Berlin in 1945 or Grozny, 2000. Mass death erases all distinctions. The place...

Can The 3DR Pivot To Software Work?

“It was classic Silicon Valley hubris. 3DR was a $100 million blunder based on ineptitude.” Chief Revenue Officer Colin Guinn and CEO Chris Anderson dreamt up the 3DR Solo to challenge the...