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Dronin’ On is the name of the DroneBusiness.center weekly commentary and news summary. In this section you will find every edition of the newsletter, as well as longer blog posts by Christopher Korody and guest posts.

2016 International Drone Expo

The International Drone Expo Edition of Dronin’ On 12.10.16

Hi all – Greetings from LA and the International Drone Expo. But first, before we get into the details, time to look up at the stars and take our hats off to John...

A Drone Photographer’s View Of Risk

It got me thinking: there are over 200,000 private pilots in the U.S. alone, mostly flying small, single-engine planes. Me: "Hi, I'm a photographer out at Wendy Park; I'd like to fly...

The ‘Easter Parade’ issue of Dronin’ On 03.31.18

Hi all – Color me surprised at the number of Easter eggs this week. Autonomous vehicles and Facebook continue to dominate the technology news cycle. Both have implications for UAS. There is a...

The ‘Walk & Chew Gum’ issue of Dronin’ On 07.14.18

Hi all – Last week a reader wondered if I was skeptical or cynical – I responded that I was traipsing down the fine line between the two… Supporting his thesis that “I...
Photo sunset over the Pedernal

Meeker, Egan, Shaefer and Whales in Dronin’ On 06.04.16

  Hi all – Another quiet week without much from the FAA – except that they pulled some guys pilot license for flying over Coney Island. C’mon man, no hotdogging. And then there was...

ARC Is A Conflict Of Business Interest

Clearly there are special interest groups on this list who hope to avoid regulations because it will drive their bottom line. Other special interests on the list hope to make a name...