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Dronin’ On is the name of the DroneBusiness.center weekly commentary and news summary. In this section you will find every edition of the newsletter, as well as longer blog posts by Christopher Korody and guest posts.

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Dronin’ On 07.16.16

Hi all – What a week – more tragedy and not nearly enough to laugh about. Congress has gone home after passing FESSA and presenting H.R. 636 to the President on July 14,...

Can The 3DR Pivot To Software Work?

“It was classic Silicon Valley hubris. 3DR was a $100 million blunder based on ineptitude.” Chief Revenue Officer Colin Guinn and CEO Chris Anderson dreamt up the 3DR Solo to challenge the...
Privacy concerns in Pew research

Privacy Concerns Likely To Impact UAV Acceptance

Experts believe that privacy protection will likely become a luxury good. After the June 2013 leaks by government contractor Edward Snowden about National Security Agency surveillance of Americans’ online and phone communications,...

The Moral Dilemma Of Autonomous Technology

Do you run the child over or swerve into a tree, which could kill you and your passenger? It sounds like a test to determine someone's level of psychopathy, but it's actually...

The ‘Work In Progress’ issue of Dronin’ On 10.05.19

Hi all - Hope this finds you well. Some timely articles have crossed my screen that I wanted to share. Comments on the FAA's implementation of the 2018 Reauthorization, thoughts and now...

The ‘Right to Fly’ issue of Dronin’ On 04.14.18

The Right to Fly title is a deliberate misnomer. There is no right to fly in the national airspace. Hi all – Lots for you today including my thoughts on privacy and the...