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Dronin’ On is the name of the DroneBusiness.center weekly commentary and news summary. In this section you will find every edition of the newsletter, as well as longer blog posts by Christopher Korody and guest posts.

The ‘Real Progress’ issue of Dronin’ On 09.13.19

Hi All - This totally unexpected, last minute impromptu post this week was inspired by some very big, long awaited news. After years of delay and less than subtle prodding from an increasingly...

The 2019 InterDrone issue of Dronin’ On 09.07.19

Hi all - Hope that everyone had a great summer. For those of you who asked, the fishing has been good and gets better now. For the rest of you, it's time...
2019 Connected Skies issue of Dronin' On

The ‘2019 Connected Skies’ issue of Dronin’ On 06.26.19

Hi all – Nice to hear from so many of you about the June 6th issue – no, I am not “back” but I am having fun. As those of you who...

The ‘RID Riddle’ issue of Dronin’ On 06.08.19

Hi all – Good to be back. Thanks for all the kind words – nice to be part of so many Saturday mornings, afternoons and evenings around the world. This issue is on...

GUTMA Connected Skies Forum Preview

Which brings us to the main story this week, GUTMA’s first Connected Skies Forum happening in Portland, OR June 18-20. So what’s a GUTMA, what’s the Forum about and why am I...

Meeting The Drone Security Challenge

I wrote this guest post about meeting the drone security challenge for the Crisis Response Journal in the UK. Security professionals are regularly asked if they are prepared to counter the threat...