In this collection of vignettes, C&EN examines the confounding case of drones. These aircraft are enabling chemists and other researchers to change the way we see the planet and protect its inhabitants while simultaneously confronting regulators with new threats to privacy and safety.

Even their nomenclature can be problematic— many, if not most, researchers refer to these machines as unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to avoid
militaristic connotations.

These stories will help you navigate the variety of drones ready for research and the rules researchers need to follow to do airborne science legally. But we also hope these tales of drones helping scientists study and monitor wildlife, climate, agriculture, and
hazards will inspire you.

A really great collection of use cases from the scientific perspective. Along the lines of yeah, we know there are some issues but really can’t we get over it and consider
the possibilities.

From cen.acs.org

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