cover of DroneDeploy report
Cover of the DroneDeployDrone Commercial Industry Trends Report

In March, we announced that DroneDeploy users had mapped 2 million acres, a milestone that took 16 months to reach. Now just 4 months later our users have more than doubled the mapped area in a quarter of the time.

We hope you enjoy these industry trends based on usage data, showing how drone adoption is evolving.

Drone Service Providers Are Specializing This increase seems to reflect not only increased adoption of drones in-house within specific industries, but also increased specialization among service providers, to the point that they identify more with the industry they serve. increase in the share of maps made by users from identified industries, as opposed to self-identified drone service providers.

More than Just a Pretty Picture There’s immense value in simply having an aerial view of your job site, but many businesses are going a step further. Increasingly, companies are leveraging cloud-based maps as powerful tools for measurement and collabora2on.

Integrating Drone Data Into Workflows In recent months, the number of DroneDeploy maps exported has exploded. Leading businesses are extracting deeper value from drone maps and 3D models by importing them into their respective industry-standard tools and combining them with other datasets.

Graphic from the DroneDeploy presentation
Graphic from the DroneDeployDrone Commercial Industry Trends Report
This is a rich, well-produced presentation that brings together data, testimonials and a strong use case. I don’t know it for a fact, but I suspect that DroneDeploy has one of the larger global data sets. Look at this chart which blows holes in the theory that fixed wings are better for mapping – even though on another chart we see that senseFly is number two, second only to DJI.
This is smart marketing. Look at the headlines. The team obviously understands what’s important to their customers and prospects. But throughout the report, there are many plenty of clues about how their end of the world is evolving.
This piece is a great example of what Jay Baer calls Youtility.  As the website so succinctly puts it, “it’s the difference between helping and selling.” And it’s very much what we try to do here.

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