Bob Young, CEO of PrecisionHawk, one of the 25 members of the drone registration task force, told The Guardian, “yes, registration will happen for this Christmas. And yes, it will be really bad. What I’m focused on is just to be a little bit better tomorrow, and that allows you to embrace the fact that you’re really
bad today.”

Certainly not what drone hobbyists want to hear. Young added that future versions of the registration system will need a “reasonably sophisticated way of connecting a drone to its operator.”

“I’m fully supportive of what the FAA is trying to do,” said Young. “Their first initiative will be flawed … but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t start somewhere, or that they shouldn’t commit to making it better next Christmas, and even better the Christmas after that.”

One down, 24 to go. Glad to see someone is finally talking about a technically sophisticated solution.
“Do you mandate that everyone who flies a drone has some sort of homing beacon connected to the drone? So that at the same time that the FAA knows where the drone is through the cellphone or satellite network, it also knows where the drone’s operator is on the planet.”
Yes. Why not?


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