In practice, the F.A.A. doesn’t have the resources to police all illegal activity,” said Lisa Ellman, a partner at the Hogan Lovells law firm in Washington. “But the broader hope is that it will create a culture of accountability, and people will willingly participate.”

The F.A.A.’s registration rules, outlined in a 211- page document, generally follow recommendations submitted by a task force last month. The group included drone makers, aviation experts and hobbyist groups. The rule applies to owners of drones weighing between half a pound and 55 pounds, and only American citizens will be allowed to register.

The F.A.A. said it would introduce the website for registration,, on Dec. 21;  registering will be free for the first 30 days. After that period, the fee for each individual drone user will be $5 for a three-year certificate of registration.

More silliness. The lead picture is of a drone that will not need to be registered. That only US citizens will be allowed to register seems Trumpish to the max – and completely unenforceable since no ID is required as part of the registration process…


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