… And now for the point of concern The FAA says that it has no desire to regulate toys. But the reports from the task force indicate that all drones weighing more than 250 grams ought to be registered.

That’s about half a pound, which does include a lot of toys. In Europe, the threshold for drone registration is two pounds. The 250-gram limit is based on the damage a drone that size might have if it collided with a helicopter or plane or if it fell and hit a person. These are legitimate concerns.

But I join Jim Williams, Skyward Advisory Board member and the FAA’s former top drone official, in calling for more data. There have been no studies on the damage that drones of different sizes would
have to various aircraft.

According to other reports, the limit was based on the potential to hurt people on the ground – NAS was not considered due to lack of data. The rest of the article is pro-business – which is great but has nothing to do with consumer registration.

From skyward.io

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