Researchers over at the Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab have been testing the damage caused by a hurling a variety of drone propellers at a hunk of pork flesh (which has a similar consistency to human skin and muscle). They’re also testing the effects against other obstacles likes glass panes and cars.

Unlike some other tests, this one measures the combination of the blades spinning motion and a drone’s forward motion. It’s kind of fascinating to watch how the different propellers cut through the the pork slab when travelling at about 20 mph.

Given the footage was shot with a high speed camera at 3200 fps, it might not seem like the drone was moving so quickly.

(The takeaway) AKA bigger, faster blades are more dangerous; who’da thunk it?

Too bad they didn’t screen this for the boys and girls on the Micro UAS ARC team. This is what took out the kid’s eye in the UK and ripped Iglesia’s hand open when he missed on the one-handed grab during his show. BTW the purpose of this research is to develop break-away props.
Terrible waste of a nice looking pork roast…



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