“The single continuous shot could not have been flown by a manned helicopter.”

Well done Aerial MOB an impressive opening sequence for Dancing with the Stars. Obviously, Patrick is more the sequins and shimmy type around here so I can’t comment on the dancing.

What I can say though is that the single continuous shot could not have been flown by a manned helicopter.  The flight line down the steps and around the pole confirm that. Not only would the manned helicopter have blown the dancer’s hair dramatically but it would have hit the building.

It was undertaken with what might be described as a high ticket price prosumer drone. An Inspire with X5R camera. Rumour control says the Inspire 2 will be released in November, but the shouts are not so loud.

This is quite an amazing piece. It shows great integration of the drone crew into the DWTS production team. My bet is it started with an idea for the location and the choreography. And they had a stunning day to work with at Griffith Observatory.
If Aerial Mob sounds familiar it’s because they were one of the original six to get a 333. Hard to remember that was 24 months ago in September 2014. The website is worth a look.
UPDATE – found on Facebook in the “Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots” group from the pilot, Steve Blizzard. “What’s up guys, thanks for all the kind words. Yea, for sure not autonomous, all flown line of sight with 2 rehearsal days and a golden hour to make it happen…. Choreographed by Mandy Moore and Directed by Daniel Martin for DWTS. Flown with Inspire x5r”

read more at suasnews.com


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